Sometimes you find yourself on the right golf course at the right time.

Early on a clear Sunday morning, my dad and I teed off on the back nine at Pacific Grove Golf Links. We couldn’t see the flights of our initial shots.

But then: light.

Looking back at Point Pinos Lighthouse from the 12th tee
From the 12th fairway, the 13th green
One of my favorite vistas at PG: from the elevated 13th tee across the 12th green
The view from the other side of the 13th tee, across the 14th green
The 13th green, tucked back into the finest dunes on the property
The 13th green from the 14th tee
Shadows revealing the movement of the 13th and 14th fairways; the 12th green in the distance
From the 16th tee, the first full view that the course offers of the northern coastline
The 16th green with Crespi Pond to the right
A backward glance at the 16th green and the lighthouse, the 8 AM light growing more earthly by the second

I have spent plenty of early mornings on the back nine at PG Golf Links, and many of them have been lovely. But the 7 AM hour on October 28th was different. It was like a Hudson River School painting come to life. And I got to share it with my dad.

Mornings like this, and places like Pacific Grove, are why golf matters to me. Everything else—equipment, swing technique, the PGA Tour, golf Twitter—is peripheral.

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